Mustachifier: The Legend of Baby Burgundy

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This project is the result of what happens when your rep says “you should photograph some kids for your book”. Challenge Accepted!!

While looking for inspiration I found Mustachifier, an amazing company based out of Brooklyn that makes baby pacifiers with mustaches on them. What could be cooler! I knew I had to do something with it. Anchorman 2 was coming out in a few months and Movember was also coming up. So I thought what would be better then a baby celebrity look alike and trying to raise some money for charity. So we reach at to Mustachifier and they loved the idea!

So we put the dream together Alex Lamarsh (Hair/Baby Wrangler) Kailas (Assistant) Ramona Soriano (Rep/ Badass Facilitator/ Baby Wrangler/ Producer) Joseph&Matthew(Twin Models) Robyn Lassen (Mom/Baby Wrangler) Nicole Koestel (Art Director/ Creative Genius) Mikey Centrella (Social Media Guru) and Splashlight Studios who believed in the project and really helped us out. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!


Unfortunately Movember wanted no part to do with it and asked us not to donate any money to them (I know wired that a charity didn’t want to take our money). But, we ended up with some great shots and had a blast making them!

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