The Exley = AMC shows

Front of the Exley Bar The Exley, one of my Favorite bars in Brooklyn asked me to help turn them into characters from some of our favorite AMC TV shows (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, & The Walking Dead). This was a no brainer for me since AMC is one of my dream clients and some of my favorite shows on TV. 

Mad men, Breaking bad, Waliking Dead
One of my favorite parts of the whole project was when I had to figure out how to make Blue Meth! I ended up making a ridiculous amount of blue rock candy which I smashed up in front of my apartment in Brooklyn. As people passed by they would asked what I was doing… I said “just making blue meth” I would reply, got a smile every time! 
Behind the scenes
Ended up being an amazing project to work on. Matt, Branden, and Nathan are awesome dudes so if your ever in Williamsburg go check out The Exley. Also its always fun when you get to turn your Rep (Ramona Soriano) into a Zombie! Thanks Ciara Griffin for the kick ass make up job.
2013-10-09 Behind the Scenes

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